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Just in time for summer, check out these totally rad lime green sunglasses, imprinted on both sides with MARKETPLACE in black. Because understanding the economy prepares you for a future to be so bright, you've gotta wear shades. Made of polycarbonate material. UV400 lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. FMV $5

So much better than your 80's fanny pack! This convenient means of protecting your assets on-the-go includes an easy-access, front zippered pocket, plus a zippered main compartment with earbud port and interior slip pocket. Also features an adjustable water bottle holder (but not the water bottle itself). 300D Honeycomb Ripstop Polyester, 420D Nylon / 15"L 7"H 4"W. Waist strap length adjusts to up to 43" (fits up to a 54" waist circumference). FMV $18

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  • Marketplace Rubik's Cube
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  • Marketplace "Let's Do the Caffeine" Mug Combo
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You count on Marketplace to help you unlock the mysteries of the economy - but this is one puzzle where you're on your own. Produced using 100% pre-consumer plastic. FMV $12

Before you "do the numbers" (or whatever your day may bring), you need the caffeine to help get you going - and this mug. But that's not all: we'll also include tips for making the perfect cup of coffee from our very own David Brancaccio, host of Marketplace Morning Report and our in-house java expert. Mug capacity: 15 oz. FMV: $10 Shipping Included

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