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  • Marketplace "Let's Do The Numbers" Socks
  • $5 per month
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  • Marketplace "Food For Thought" Lunchbox
  • $7 per month

A must-have for the stylish Marketplace fan! Whether you're plugging away at the office or lounging around at home, these cozy socks will identify you as a person of knowledge and taste. Unisex, one size fits most. FMV: $6

The perfect combination for your office lunch: good food in a sturdy, microwave-safe container; food for your mind online at Just don't use our new food container to microwave fish at work, or Kai may need to have a word with you. Dimensions: 7.5" square by 2.5" deep FMV: $7 Shipping Included

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  • Marketplace "Stormy Weather" Umbrella
  • $10 per month
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  • Marketplace Investor Thermos
  • $15 per month

You already count on Marketplace to keep you covered when it comes to business and economic news - with our new umbrella, we'll help protect you from rain and snow as well. This handy umbrella has a 42" arc and packs away neatly to carry wherever you go. FMV: $14 Shipping Included

Not only does it do the all-important job of keeping hot things hot and cold things cold - this sleek stainless steel thermos is pretty darn good-looking, too. The gray leatherette sleeve is debossed with our Marketplace Investor logo, letting others know you're a partner in our work to raise economic intelligence across the country. 17 oz. capacity, vacuum seal, and push-button pouring spout; cap doubles as cup. FMV: $16 Shipping Included

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