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As a nonprofit news organization, Marketplace is on a mission that drives what we do every day: to increase economic intelligence across the country. But we can’t do it alone. Become a Marketplace Investor today, in whatever amount you choose, and your donation will go twice as far, thanks to a dollar-for-dollar match from The Kendeda Fund.

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  • "Liquid assets" Water Bottle
  • $7 per month
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  • Marketplace Hooded Sweatshirt
  • $15 per month

Our new "Liquid assets" water bottle is the ultimate companion to help you stay hydrated in style. 25 oz. single wall [BPA-free] Eastman TritanTM copolyester bottle with threaded dual-opening lid, threaded top, and soft carrying handle (FMV: $12)

Displaying the Marketplace logo on the left chest, your new favorite hoodie also features a relaxed fit, full zip closure, and ribbed cuffs and waistband. An incredibly soft and relaxed unisex hoodie, spun from a plush poly-cotton blend, will quickly become a go-to essential. Sizes S-XXL (FMV $25)

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  • Marketplace "Stormy Weather" Umbrella
  • $10 per month
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  • Marketplace Reusable Bag
  • $5 per month

You already count on Marketplace to keep you covered when it comes to business and economic news - with our new umbrella, we'll help protect you from rain and snow as well. This handy umbrella has a 42" arc and packs away neatly to carry wherever you go. FMV: $14 Shipping Included

The stock market is not the economy: you hear Kai say it on Marketplace, and now you can help spread the word with our reusable grocery tote, perfect for trips to the supermarket, the farmer's market, or anywhere your contributions to the shopping economy might take you. This durable poly tote (18" x 25") folds up into its own compact pouch, complete with a handy clip to attach to purse, backpack, or keys. (FMV: $6)

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When people ask "Hey, where'd you get that sticker?", you can tell them you're helping make people smarter as a Marketplace Investor. Grab a Marketplace Investor sticker as your bonus gift!

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