What is a Member Connect online account?

For years, members have asked for easy online access their giving information, just like you have easy online access to your banking information. We are happy to tell you that we are delivering this new service to you. In fact, you can sign up today.

By creating an online account, you'll have all of your membership information right at your fingertips – how much and when you last contributed, if you are a Sustainer, etc.

Why should I create a Member Connect online account?

Your Member Connect account will give you the power to access the information you need to know about your membership. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll able to find out a lot including:

  1. When you last contributed
  2. How much you contributed
  3. Your membership status and anniversary date
  4. Updating your address
  5. Your Member number
  6. If you are a Sustaining Member

Is it secure?

Absolutely. You'll create your own personal user name and password to view your information. No credit card information is available through your account.

Is it free?

Yes! It is a new member benefit and will allow for convenient access to your giving information.

How soon can I access my account information?

Once you've created your account, it will take us one business day to confirm your Member Connect account. Until then, your account will be pending. Once your account is confirmed, it will take one business day for your new contributions to register in your account.

Will you trade this information to other organizations?

No. When you create a Member Connect account, we will not share this information with other organizations. And, as always, we never sell your information to any organization.